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We look for growth potential in markets with significant reach where economies of scale can be applied. Through our industry expertise and adaptability to the changing marketplace, we are able to provide sustainable, eco-innovative solutions at cost-effective and efficient prices.




Hecto Group aims to partner with innovative organizations to create solutions to solve today’s problems. 
Leverage technology transfer from universities and government laboratories for the development of the application-oriented intellectual property.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team leveraged knowledge and insights that David Leavitt had going back 15+ years, to use a blazing fast disinfectant and unique catalyst designs to create a continuous air treatment unit that eliminates airborne pathogens.
Solute Smart’s technology can handle brines 100x more dense than reverse osmosis systems can treat.
Frosty Tech's Enviroice is 100% drainsafe and plant food safe.
Solute Smart's minimal discharge of RO retentate, which is the utilization of multiple pass systems, achieves 80%+ purification.
Since the brand’s beginning, Frosty Tech has patented 6 technologies, acquired 3 trademarks, 4 products available for commercial sale, and secured numerous partnerships and licensing agreements.
Testing at ARE Labs shows Micron Pure achieves over 99.9999% inactivation of airborne pathogens just 1/4th the size of the novel Coronavirus.
Global licensing deal signed with Marmon Holdings/Berkshire Hathaway for Micron Pure. From a concept that David Leavitt sent in an evening text to John Bergida to a fully-working unit and signed licensing term-sheet in just 80 days.

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