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John Bergida

President, Founder

John is involved with all aspects of the business. He leads our R&D,  collaborates with partners and licensees on new products and applications,

and assesses existing problems to create unique and meaningful innovations and technologiess.

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Steve Sharpe

Executive Chairman

Steve Sharpe directs new business inquiries, interacts with our partners and licensees, and oversees investor relations. As a serial entrepreneur, he brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team.

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David Leavitt

Chief Technology Officer

David Leavitt leads the development of our long-term projects including university partnerships, water treatment, membrane technologies, as well as development and filing of new patents and IP.

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Corey Boddicker

Dir. Business Development

Corey Boddicker leads the development of our sales verticals and of servicing to existing and new accounts.  He collaborates directly with our manufacturing and distribution partners to meet our clients' needs.

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Michael McMahon

Creative Director

Michael McMahon is our in-house media specialist, web designer, content creator,  leading photo and video production, graphics, as well as assisting in product appearance,  visual design and branding.

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Tony Bergida

VP Corporate Strategy

Tony Bergida handles our corporate strategy, public relations, and project coordination.  Previously, he worked for several legislators and managed a U.S. Congressional Campaign.

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Tim Jackson

Prototyping Engineer

Timothy Jackson is our prototyping, mechanical design, thermal analysis, and testing engineer.  He specializes in 3D printing, automation, and creating proof-of-concept models. 

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Channary Ny

Chemical Engineer

Channary Ny leads the chemical testing and R&D for key projects.

Runs and maintains Hecto Group's lab at the KS Venture Accelerator.

Coordinates research grants sponsored by Hecto Group at partner Universities.

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Devlin Leavitt

Systems Engineer

Devlin Leavitt is a process systems engineer earning his Masters and PhD in Environmental Engineering.  He designs and calculates energy balances, process flows, and complex system layouts.

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