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St. Louis-based Air Cleaner Earns FDA Clearance

Micron Pure develops tech powering CerroZone, a Berkshire Hathaway and Marmon Holdings Company.




Chesterfield, Missouri, July 21, 2022. Micron Pure is pleased to announce that its patented ozone technology recently received Federal Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) Class II clearance for the CerroZone Mobile device as a recirculating air cleaner for eliminating airborne Viruses and Bacteria.

Micron Pure has licensed the technology to Marmon Holdings, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, who will be selling Air Purifying Devices under the brand name of CerroZone (

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Micron Pure has been working on solutions to combat the spread of airborne disease. The past two years have been devoted to tireless innovation and third-party lab testing conducted at MRIGlobal, Lab for Infectious Disease Research (LIDR) at the University of Missouri, ARE Labs, and others. Results showed that Micron Pure’s ozone technology destroyed in a single-pass of 1.2 seconds 99.998% of actual SARS-CoV-2 (Delta variant) and over 99.97% of gram-positive bacteria (MRSE).

“We continue to develop additional product lines focused on promoting and protecting human health and the environment,” said John Bergida, President of Micron Pure. “As part of that ongoing effort, Micron Pure is re-investing in the St. Louis area by expanding into a 25,000+ square foot R&D facility located in Fenton, MO creating manufacturing and engineering jobs.”

Micron Pure is a Research and Development (R&D) company owned by the Hecto Group with facilities in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. Its mission is to “rapidly research, creatively design, and ethically solve formidable problems” related to air purification and surface sanitation.


To learn more about Micron Pure and its air purifying technology, please visit or contact Tony Bergida,

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