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Why It Matters


Hecto Group’s dynamic market solutions aim to positively impact growing industries. Frosty Tech™, Micron Pure™, Solute Smart, and Eon Dynamic create premium products that have a sustainable long-term effect.

Frosty Tech™ develops disruptive cooling technologies to meaningfully impact and improve the lives of people everywhere in the world. Frosty Tech™ engineers next-generation cooling solutions and products to solve global cooling needs. Our materials phase change at a variety of temperatures. Also, our water-activated cooling powder becomes ice cold in seconds.

Micron Pure™ creates safe environments for working, learning, and community. Micron Pure™ reduces airborne contamination from person-to-person, periodically helps to inactivate pathogens left on objects that become airborne from an infected person. Our solutions complement measures already in place to lower the impact of COVID-19, enhances the effectiveness of social distancing, can help reduce infection while vaccines and medicines are developing and tested, reduces contamination, and increases protection for high risk and high contamination areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, airports, etc. Micron Pure™’s air and surface sanitation technologies effectively remove over 99.99% of airborne pathogens, viruses, and fungal spores to decrease infection rates.

Solute Smart treats and captures value from water trapped in impure and unusable brines. Over 80% of all wastewater discharged without treatment. There are more than 199 trillion gallons of wastewater annually. Industrial water consumption is responsible for 22% of global water use. Solute Smart’s goal is to unlock 97% of the world’s water. Solute Smart’s technology is capable of handling brines 100x denser than reverse osmosis systems can treat.

Eon Dynamic delivers thermal and energy storage innovations. Commercial applications include capturing the waste heat thrown off by a diesel generator to keep it warm in arctic environments. This allows for the cycling of the unit instead of running 24/7 and translates into thousands of gallons of fuel saved every year off of just one generator. Next-gen developments are focused on grid-level energy storage.

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