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Hecto Group is an eco-innovation group focused on designing sustainable prototypes. Our product and service innovation process concentrates on increasing the efficiency of our prototypes and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Frosty Tech™’s technology not only increases the temperature duration of cooling products but also reduces the amount of power necessary to achieve desired temperatures as well as eliminate and reduce waste to minimize costs. Frosty Tech™ uses non-toxic, reusable, and compostable materials. Our continuous cooling systems eliminate greenhouse gases and environmentally damaging materials. We use reusable water-activated cooling systems that regenerate through evaporation.

Micron Pure™ focuses on creating a cleaner and safer environment by minimizing the number of airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores which are threatening to the environment.

Solute Smart’s goal is to maximize the recovery of freshwater and valuable minerals from highly saline oil and gas produced water brines which are impure, unusable, and highly detrimental to the environment.

Not only do our inventions economically disrupt and improve industries, but they are sustainable for our environment. While many companies claim to be eco-friendly, they usually only have a marginally better reduction of waste on our footprint. At Hecto Group, we not only aim to eliminate our footprint but in some cases to even have a net positive impact on our environment.

Eco-innovation represents a key opportunity to overcome the world's environmental difficulties. Eco-innovation will not only boost the economy but is a growing market with significant business opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

Our goal is to create products and services that are sustainable for our environment, economical for all industries, and eco-friendly reducing our footprint on the environment.

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