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The Brands of Hecto Group

Hecto Group creates innovative technology platforms.

We partner with manufacturers, major brands, distributors, and industry leaders to conduct research and development to create exponential value through unique market solutions protected by intellectual property. We target markets with billion-dollar brand potential. We focus on B2B licensing and partnerships creating value-added solutions that save costs, reduce risks, and unlock new avenues of sales.

We use first principles to tackle and solve global needs including cooling, air sanitation, water, and power storage. Our brands consist of Frosty Tech™, Micron Pure™, Solute Smart, and Eon Dynamic. Frosty Tech™ develops eco-friendly cooling products such as Enviro Ice gel packs, self-cooling PPE, and “drain-safe plant food”. Micron Pure™ is currently designing and testing devices for inactivating over 99.99% of airborne pathogens such as live Coronavirus (COVID-19). Solute Smart treats and captures value from 97% of the world’s water trapped in impure and unusable brines. Solute Smart also generates pure water, achieves zero liquid discharge, isolating radium, and concentrating lithium and other minerals. Eon Dynamic focuses on creating energy storage, power grid, and energy-saving solutions.

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