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What is Custom Engineering

Custom engineering is the design and manufacture of a product to the specifications of a buyer. Typically, an individual or corporation will approach an engineering firm with an idea and the firm will assess whether or not they can execute it.

At Hecto Group, we primarily focus on B2B custom engineering through our subsidiary companies, Frosty Tech™, Micron Pure™, Solute Smart, and Eon Dynamic. Each company customizes designs and their engineering approach to cooling solutions, air and surface sanitation technology, water treatment, and energy storage.

If it is a simple design or solution, the custom engineering firm may charge by the project. For instance, a flat sum of $10,000 for a new design to increase the efficiency of a piece of manufacturing equipment.

For complex projects requiring significant research and development (R&D), a firm may charge a retainer or an hourly rate. Sometimes, companies decide to outsource their R&D instead of bearing the costs of an entire research team, supplying resources, etc.

Most engineering firms fit into two camps, either they build a product and the customer adjusts to it, or the firm designs something from scratch to fit the customer’s needs.

Hecto Group works on solving specific problems for their consumers through innovative solutions and validated testing. Unlike a number of firms that charge exorbitant fees upfront to conduct R&D, Hecto Group takes a more collaborative approach. After initial discussions with partners and individual corporations, we look at the problem and break it down into first principles. Instead of merely trying to develop a better working product, we look at the end goal and see how our patented technology and functional prototypes can reinvent the product and industries in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Once we develop a prototype, we work with independent labs to validate and perfect our solutions. Outside manufacturers and distributors commercialize our green designs and distribute them to the marketplace. Please check out our subsidiaries Frosty Tech™, Micron Pure™, Solute Smart, and Eon Dynamic to see the different projects we are working on and what is available in the market today.

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